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felicity [noun]: an instance of happiness

Your wedding day: the happiest day of your life that seemingly goes by in an instant. At Felicity Floral Design, we are in the business of creating moments – the perfect atmosphere to commemorate the unity of two people in love. We design a lovely and lively ambiance with the use of seasonal & local flowers that align with your budget, space and personal style. Between our seasoned designers & streamlined customer experience, you will feel the freedom to breathe and engage in every moment of your special day.


Bride's bouquet on the grooms back as they hug in celebration of their marriage
Bride and groom walking away fromm their wedding ceremony with flowers in the bride's hand in smiles on their faces

Adam & Alexis

"FFD surpassed all I wanted and imagined for my wedding – and I really cared about the flowers! It was so obvious that Tori let her creativity be guided by my inspiration and the atmosphere I wanted for everyone. Tori was reliable and very communicative through the whole process. She is a big picture kind of gal, and is intentional about every piece to create the dream that you want. If you want someone who uses your dream to guide their creativity, choose Felicity Floral Design!"


Liam & Anna Joy

"Tori is wonderful! Her eye for floral design is remarkable and will make your day that much more beautiful and dreamy. She is just as personable as she is professional. I highly recommend Felicity Floral!"

A man kissing his bride on the forehead as she shows her flowers to the camera

Kevin & Alethia

"I am so thankful that I had a florist I could trust. I felt comfortable letting Tori make decisions as I knew very little about flowers and decor. Everything came together beautifully! She even used flowers from her personal garden to help my bouquet come together and give it an extra pop of color. Of all the things a bride has to worry about, flowers should not be one of them! I highly recommend Felicity Floral Design for your special day!"


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