Our Pricing Model

Budget is a huge concern for many people when planning a wedding and flowers account for a pretty large sum of said budget. Something that I've learned is that many people have no idea where to start when it comes to choosing a budget for their wedding flowers. So, whether you have a budget that you're unsure about or have no idea where to start, here is a quick guide to see what you can expect from any given budget range!

Things to know:

  • Our minimum for full-service events starts at $1,500 before delivery/setup/breakdown & taxes.

  • We start off our process with a consultation where we can answer all of your questions – don't hesitate to ask!

  • Please don't hesitate to inquire for elopements and micro-weddings!

Things to consider:

  • How large is your wedding party?

  • How many family members would you like to provide with flowers?

  • How many guests/tables are you expecting to accommodate?

  • Are there any large-scale installations or arrangements you would like to consider?

  • Are there any luxury/out-of-season flowers that you prefer?

Essential ($1,500-$3,000)

If your budget falls in this category, generally you can expect a few things: Local & in season flowers or basic flowers with low costs (such as basic roses, carnations, basic fillers, etc.), containers that we already have in our inventory, and possibly the option to pick up your flowers at our studio (depending on the items needed). This budget range is great for small wedding parties & a small guest list with minimal overall decor.

Premium ($3,000-$5,000)

In this category, we can take things up a notch! In this price range you can expect a mix of local and regional specialty flowers, and occasionally some specialty imports on the higher end of this range! In this range, you can request use of our inventory of specialty containers of various finishes (gold, mercury silver, black, white, etc.) This is a good tier for small-midsize wedding parties & a small guest list with minimal-moderate decor.

Luxury Tier ($5,000+)

In this category, you can ask for almost anything. This will cover large bridal parties, ceremony decor, ​reception decor for large guest lists, and maybe even some hanging installations (depending on where your budget lands).

We know that all of this can be overwhelming, and we are here to help you through it! Regardless of your budget, we can't wait to hear about your vision for your wedding day! Head over to our inquiry page to get in touch!